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Luxury Wedding Cakes from GC Couture

GC Couture is a London-based luxury wedding cake supplier serving 5-star wedding venues and prestige hotels, as well as brides and grooms across the region that are looking for exquisite wedding cakes that offer a culinary cake sensation rich in both flavour and design.

GC Couture prides itself on offering first class customer service which ensures hotels and venues across the country proudly recommend GC Couture to their clientele as well as attracting brides and grooms from all over the region.

Immerse your taste buds as GC Couture teases and tantalizes with over 50 cake flavours that have been uniquely developed including popular favourites: Chocolate & Orange, Coconut & Lime, Fruitcake Without The Bits (FWB) and Pina Colada – bespoke luxury wedding cakes from GC Couture.