Our Cakes and Flavours

GC Couture’s experienced culinary chefs constantly thrive to create new and exciting recipes to add to their existing cake flavour portfolio. GC Couture uses only the finest ingredients for their cakes and fillings which make them deliciously light and moist, leaving their clients devouring every crumb. Learn more about our cakes and flavours below.

Gift Cakes

GC Couture is synonymous with Gift Cakes. These cakes consist of various shapes and sizes and are all designed and decorated as wrapped presents. A stunning display of gift cakes can be created for all occasions including Christmas, Birthdays and Christenings.

Speciality Cakes

With an array of religious and dietary requirements to consider, GC Couture has created a variety of speciality cakes to suit all requirements. These currently include Eggless, Gluten & Dairy Free, Low Sugar, Vegetarian and Vegan.

Signature Cake

GC Couture is the first cake company in the UK to have created a unique fruitcake recipe. Named Fruitcake Without the Bits (FWB) – it’s exactly what it says it is. By eliminating the “bits” and adding a unique blend of spices and alcohol, GC Couture have born a fruitcake that is light, moist and sponge-like in texture – a great alternative to the Traditional Fruitcake.

Cake Flavours

Almond Coconut & Lime Pear
Amaretto Fruitcake Coconut & Pineapple Piña Colada
Apple Crumble Coffee Pineapple
Banana Fruitcake Without the Bits (FWB) Raspberry
Banoffee Ginger & Lime Raspberry Ripple
Carrot & Walnut Half & Half Red Velvet
Cherry Honey Cake Rose
Chocolate Lemon Strawberry
Chocolate & Chilli Maltesars Summer Fruits
Chocolate & Espresso Marble Toffee
Chocolate & Coconut Mint Chocolate Chip Traditional Fruit
Chocolate & Orange Nutella Tropical
Chocolate & Peppermint Orange Vanilla
Chocolate & Pistachio Oreo Cookie White Chocolate
Chocolate & Raspberry Passion Fruit White Chocolate & Ginger
Cinnamon Peanut Butter White chocolate & Strawberry